About Us              Beacon Centre, Miami

Barretta & Associates was founded in 1975 with a refreshing
and unique goal in mind - to provide design excellence and uncommon cost effective services for clients where quality is a priority.

Principals and staff at Barretta & Associates, Inc. have developed an extraordinary depth of technical knowledge, experience and skills. We constantly strive to refine and enhance everything we do.

Why Retain Us?

Simply because the quality of our work is consistent and every project is customized to fit a client's needs. This business philosophy is summed up in our Barretta Approach that we call Managed Creativity:

A unique combination of creative design, planning and construction management services that spell architectural excellence and surprising efficiencies.

The economies we deliver begin with our determination to solve the big problems first - then deep analysis that results in finding the best solution for each project, even the most complex. Our design process has been streamlined - beginning with a full assessment of code and zoning constraints. This also involves incorporating the latest
innovations in building systems, techniques and project delivery alternatives.

Our documents elicit consistent praise from contractors and
sub-contractors for their clarity, thoroughness and accuracy,
plus our depth of involvement during construction. All of this
dedication adds up to making the building process run smoothly.

As we are always "upfront", clients always know what to expect
in options offered together with costs associated with them. Integral to this approach is our cost tracking system from beginning to end, based upon cost-per-square foot of each construction phase. This gives us a powerful tool in predicting fees for future projects. We also provide full accounting of the design-side costs of the project as a special service to our clients. It also delivers an added benefit of
keeping our work on budget.

In addition, our detailed Barretta Approach includes development
of formulas for construction cost estimates, more accurate than
anything found in industry data.

Lastly, we take pride in our affable relations with clients.
People enjoy working with us whether clients or those building
our designs. That's because we take a sincere interest in how they
view all our work, even the smallest details. This results in
our customizing the scope of our services to maximize client
satisfaction - every step of the way to the successful conclusion
of the project.

Our Attributes

• Proven Track Record

• Ability To Meet Client Requirements

• Reputation & Financial Stability: Well respected within the   construction industry, financially stable and bondable.

• Management Commitment: Senior Management Team and Site   Personnel dedicated to your project.

Technical Knowledge: State-of-the-art Mechanical, Electrical and   Communications Systems plus direct dealing with suppliers,   manufacturers and trade contractors providing very competitive   results.

Project Coordinator: Coordinate CADD & architectural drafting activities including design and production of drawing & construction documents. Coordinate with project personnel (electrical, mechanical, service engineers and contractors). Prepare project reports. Code and bid analysis. Permitting coordination. 35 hrs. Bachelor's in Architecture (or foreign equiv.) + 5 yrs experience. Fax your resume to Barreta and Associates, Inc. Attn: Mr. Barretta at 561-740-0043. Job in Boynton, FL.