Our Design/Build Specialty        

With 27 years in business, Barretta & Associates is a true design/build specialist firm. It takes great pride in listening closely, understanding its client's needs and protecting its interests.This is all part of our risk management culture that emphasizes honesty, integrity and a ceaseless dedication to safety.

Result? The client is aware of an extraordinary level of quality control throughout project construction. Barretta & Associates's high level of quality,
functionality and its ability to realize construction economies, means it can balance the many demands faced in every stage of the construction process. The client benefits with this safeguarding of the schedule so that the project is on time and on budget.

Our firm first determines the scope and purpose of the project: proposed functions,occupancy load; any future expansion requirements, image, the
ownership structure, and timing of occupancy. Using this data, a preliminary design concept can be developed.

Cost of estimates and time schedules are made and detailed architectural drawings and specifications follow. Construction begins with approval of the

Risk Management Culture
Barretta & Associates strives to effectively manage all clients' risks associated with the development, design and construction process.
The firm actively manages all risks through a continuous closed loop process.

Safequarding the Schedule
At Barretta & Associates, meeting your deadlines is our top priority.
We are always on the lookout for ways to incorporate time efficiencies This starts by securing site approval and building permits a the earliest possible time before the project begins.

Budgeting Benefits
We have learned that extra attention must be paid in the pre-construction phase to maximize cost savings. This emphasis on pre-construction services pays off in numerous cost savings that build the project's value.

Why Design Build

Choosing a builder comes down to choosing a contractual relationship. At Baretta & Associates, we strongly believe: the sooner the Owner involves the builder in the construction process the more value is added to the project.

At our firm, we have made a conscious decision not to operate in the public bid sector of our industry. We feel that the result of this open bid process is usually a loss to the Owner and the builder. The Owner loses the experience, creativity and cost saving opportunities a quality minded, experienced builder can add to the design process. The Contractor loses in this environment because (1) the only way they can make a profit is by cutting the corners wherever they can, and (2) charging higher costs on change orders. Below are listed a few advantages and an Owner can gain by involving a Design/Builder earlier in the project process.

Five Major Advantages of Design/Build or
Construction Management Project Delivery Systems

• The profit and overhead fees of the builder can be negotiated up front. No more fuzzy cost estimates, no more hidden fees.

• The project can be completed in less time because the work can begin on early parts of the project. This includes site work, while larger stages such as electrical are still being designed.

Ideas are generated and decisions are made by the Project Team with a cooperative approach. This keeps the project goals in mind.

The Owner is in touch with the cost of the project throughout the design process. Result? The Owner can make design decisions knowing the overall cost impact on the project.

• Savings are achieved and quality is improved through better planning and execution of the project plan as a team by all parties.