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Over A Quarter Century of Design

Founded in 1975, Barretta & Associates offers a full complement of architectural services. Our clientele has broadened to encompass some of America's most prominent developers and private corporations.

Yet our number one priority has always been highly personzlied service. Unlike most local architects, we help our clients control ALL phases of the building process. Using our broad spectrum of services, we tailor each program of project delivery to cover both the typical and the unique. This results in a major contribution to the project's success.

Our multi-faceted practice spans many project types: office buildings, hotels, corporate headquarters/research development/manufacturing facilities, banks, service centers, churches, schools, municipal facilities and multi-family developments. Each completed project reflects our motto: Barretta & Associates - when quality is a priority.

Company Story

Barretta & Associates take great pride in the high quality of its
performance and its dedication to ethical business standards.
They have earned our company a loyal list of clients that include
major corporations, educational institutions, health care providers
and industry members. Our firm is unique among others in the
building industry because it is full service. It is able to perform
the role of Master Builder (once the definition of Architect).

Our tradition of successful project completion spans over 27 years
and is fueled by our commitment to fine design and structural
quality. We have a multi discipline practice and are among the few firms that provide complete architectural design services, project management and construction to a client. Result? Single point responsibility in all aspects of design/build services.

Contribution of Barretta & Associates to The Value Chain

Sophisticated Owners, especially those with multiple projects, are always concerned about tight time schedules, budget constraints, and project delivery system details. To meet these concerns, Barretta & Associates has developed the systems required to provide a zone of comfort for its clients. Our firm concentrates on a seamless life cycle of a building from pre-design through post-construction. Our most successful projects grow out of a process wherein we help clients define the parameters of a project. We work side-by-side with our clients to help identify solutions, not just provide limited services.

As part of the package of services offered, we perform:

 Master Planning  •  Highest Best Use Analysis  •  Programming  •
•  Budgeting  •  Feasibility Analysis  •  Schematic Design  •  Design Development  •  Construction Documents  •  Estimating  •  Architectural Construction Contract Administration •  Project Management • Preconstruction Services  •  Scheduling Studies  •  Alternative "What If" Studies •  Constructibility Review  •  Quantity Surveys and Cost Estimates  •  Value Engineering  •  Bidding and Negotiations with vendors and/or contractors  •  Subcontractor Valuations
 •  Building Construction Administration  •  Record Keeping, Meeting Minutes, Documentation for Owners and Lenders  •  Construction Management  • Design/Build  •  TPM Total Program Management  •

Our full service capability means we understand the efficiencies of the design/build, turnkey project delivery mode. We also provide a single-source responsibility that delights our clients. Reason: it relieves them of the stress that comes from managing complex relationships between architect and contractor.

We measure our success one client at a time, one project at a time and our Barretta Approach keeps our business on track and aligned with our core values: unexcelled quality in architecture matched with surprising efficiencies every step of the way.